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Anne Holt: The Final Murder

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Now available in UK ‘B’ format paperback:

The Final Murder
Anne Holt
ISBN 978-0-7515-3715-4
23 September 2008
$16.00 in Canada


A talk-show star is found killed in her home, her tongue removed and left on her desk, cleaved in two. And when a second body, that of a right-wing party leader, is found crucified to the bedroom wall, Superintendent Adam Stubo is pulled from leave to lead the investigation. Is there a celebrity-slaying serial killer on the loose? His partner, Yohanne Vik, agrees to help with the case but begins to see a pattern, one that traces back to her FBI days. If she’s right, the pattern will end in the murder of the investigating officer: Adam.

From the internationally bestselling Anne Holt, this is the latest thrilling instalment in a gripping and compulsive series.


Written by Thomas

2008-12-27 at 21:36

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