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Bengt Ohlsson: Gregorius

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Bengt Ohlsson
W.W. Norton
ISBN 978-0-393-06652-4
20 May 2008
$29.50 in Canada

Original Title: Gregorius


Bengt Ohlsson, one of Sweden’s most successful young writers, has responded to the classic Doctor Glas with Gregorius, which is the voice of Pastor Gregorius over the course of what could be his last and fateful summer. Gregorius is a rancorous, malodorous, and unattractive figure married to a girl young enough to be his granddaughter. But his sense of his own mortality, of his personal inadequacy, and his tenuous hold on happiness are uniquely absorbing and haunting. It is a compelling study of loneliness, longing, and the nature of love, the desires that bring people together and the fears that keep them apart.


Written by Thomas

2008-12-27 at 15:35

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