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Karin Alvtegen: Shame

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Karin Alvtegen
ISBN 978-0-14-305352-1
3 June 2008
$18.00 in Canada

Original Title: Skam
See also: mass-market paperback edition
En français : Honteuse


Two women are trapped by a past that won’t let go. At first sight, Monika and Maj-Britt are as different as two people can possibly be—they have nothing in common but the determination to obliterate their memories and be left alone. But when a tragic accident brings them face to face, the emotional voids at the centre of their lives threaten to engulf them and they are forced to confront the secrets and the sadness they had hoped to bury. A suspenseful psychological thriller, Shame reveals the ordinary days of the odd and the lonely as they twist into selfdestruction—and holds out a glimmering hope for redemption and acceptance.

Written by Thomas

2008-12-27 at 13:07

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