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Peter Høeg: The Quiet Girl

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New in Paperback:

The Quiet Girl
Peter Høeg
ISBN 978-0-312-42777-1
30 Spetember 2008
$17.00 in Canada

Original Title: Den stille pige
En français : La petite fille silencieuse


Kaspar Krone is a world-renowned circus clown, and a man in some deep trouble. Drowning in gambling debt and wanted for tax evasion, Krone is drafted into the service of a mysterious order of nuns who promise him reprieve in return for his help safeguarding a group of children with mystical abilities–abilities that Krone also shares. When one of the children goes missing, Krone sets off to find the young girl and bring her back, making a shocking series of discoveries along the way.

Written by Thomas

2008-12-27 at 13:39

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