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Karin Fossum: Broken (mass-market paperback)

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Now available in mass-market paperback:

Karin Fossum
ISBN 978-0-09-950736-9
4 August 2009
$12.99 in Canada

See also: trade paperback edition


A writer wakes one night to find a strange man in her bedroom. He is a character she has invented, but not yet used, and so desperate is he to have his story told that he has resorted to breaking into her house.

She creates Alvar Eide, a quiet, middle-aged man whose life is carefully designed to avoid surprise, but when a young heroin addict comes into the gallery where he works, Alvar’s life is changed forever and his inventor realises that she cannot control the character she has created. The result is a superb novel that plays with the boundaries of fact and fiction.

Written by Thomas

2009-08-23 at 13:28

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