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Gunnar Staalesen: The Consorts of Death

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The Consorts of Death
Gunnar Staalesen
Arcadia Books (Eurocrime)
ISBN 978-1-906413-38-5
May 2010
$12.95 in Canada

‘I got a telephone call from the past.’

Thus begins the thirteenth (other sources list it as the fifteenth) novel in the series about Bergen detective Varg Veum.

It is September 1995, and Veum is in his office when a telephone conversation takes him back twenty-five years, to a case he was involved in while working as a child protection officer, during the summer of 1970. A small boy was separated from his mother under tragic circumstances. But that had not been the end of it. In 1974 the same boy had surfaced in connection with a sudden death in his new home. And then again ten years later, in connection with yet another case: a dramatic double-murder in Sunnfjord. The small boy is now an adult, and on the run in Oslo, determined to take revenge on those responsible for destroying his life, among them the former child protection officer, now detective Veum.

Written by Thomas

2009-12-04 at 00:01

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