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Lars Saabye Christensen: Beatles

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Lars Saabye Christensen
Arcadia Books
ISBN 978-1-906413-07-1
April 2010
$17.95 in Canada

En français : Beatles

Four young Norwegians ride the first wave of Beatlemania in the spring of 1965 in this thoughtful yet playful novel. Kim Karlsen and his three buddies Gunnar, Ola, and Seb are obsessed with their musical heroes, and they even like to think of themselves as the Fab Four. Through the years, they play a lot of soccer, drink even more, and fall in and out of love. The result is a winsome chronicle of a generation, the youthful struggles and discoveries of the protagonists, and of growing up in a very special time.

Lars Christensen is the author of 12 novels, including The Half Brother, Herman, and The Model.

Written by Thomas

2009-12-18 at 00:48

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