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Tom Egeland: The Guardians of the Covenant

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The Guardians of the Covenant
Tom Egeland
John Murray
ISBN 978-0-7195-2143-0
13 July 2009
$24.95 in Canada

En français : Les gardiens de l’Alliance

In the year 1013, Viking warriors raided an Egyptian tomb and unknowingly stole the greatest secret of the Old Testament. When a quirky archaeologist finds ancient Viking parchments containing runes and riddles, his mundane life is changed for good.

These codes lead him on a quest for clues in mysterious places, from Egyptian tombs to antiquarian bookshops. Powerful forces are against him, but he manages to unveil a religious cover-up with potentially fatal consequences.

Written by Thomas

2009-12-18 at 21:59

3 Responses

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  1. Thomas, I sure wish you’d mention the translators — that’s what decides me whether or not to read a Nordic book in English.

    Reg Keeland

    2009-12-19 at 04:19

    • Good news: although it is often quite difficult to track this information down, I’ve nonetheless come to the same conclusion as you, and this week started doing just that!

      Slowly but surely, the data is beginning to appear: new entries now include the translator’s name in the meta-data. e.g. this one is tagged “Kari Dickson” (of course, you’d have to know that “Bjørn Belto” is the series, and “Kari Dickson” the translator, but it’s a start).

      I’m also going back into the hundreds of previous entries and tagging them too. The most active translators will start to appear in the tag cloud on the right-hand side, and eventually new entries will include the translator’s name in the main data, linked back to their previous body of work using the tags.

      In other words, this site, currently indexed by original language, language of translation, publication date, author and, where applicable, series, will soon also be indexed by translator.


      2009-12-19 at 07:24

  2. Hooray, thanks for this. We’re tired of being invisible!


    2010-01-05 at 13:03

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