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Karin Alvtegen: Shame

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Now available in mass-market paperback:

Karin Alvtegen
Penguin Canada
ISBN 978-0-14-305353-8
29 December 2009
Translated from the Swedish by Steven T. Murray

See also: trade paperback edition
En français : Honteuse

Two women are trapped by a past that won’t let go. At first sight, Monika and Maj-Britt are as different as two people can be. They have nothing in common but the determination to obliterate their memories. But then a tragic car accident briefly brings them face to face and forces them to confront the emotional voids and secret sadnesses they have been trying to bury. A suspenseful, psychological thriller, Shame reveals the ordinary days of the odd and lonely as they twist into self-destruction—and holds out a glimmering hope of redemption and acceptance.

Written by Thomas

2010-01-11 at 14:51

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