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Katarina Mazetti : God and I Broke Up

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God and I Broke Up
Katarina Mazetti
House of Anansi Press
ISBN 978-0-88899-617-6
21 October 2004
$9.95 in Canada

En français : Entre Dieu et moi, c’est fini

It’s worth noting that the French edition of this novel is marketed to the general public, while this edition in English is presented as a ‘young adult’ novel.


You can think about what happens after death and about whether God really exists. You can think about why parents get divorced all the time, why it’s always the wrong guy who likes you, where all the zits and pimples come from? You can think a lot about life. And Linnea thinks a lot. But when she becomes friends with Pia, it’s like a meeting of twin souls. Pia is someone she can talk to – about everything. About guys, about the afterlife, about Markus’s tanned neck, about politics…and more about guys. So why did Pia have to go and kill herself?

With self-deprecating candor, sixteen-year-old Linnea recounts the year following Pia’s suicide and her struggle to claim her grief over her lost soul mate. By turns uproarious and intensely sad, Linnea’s voice brings both her inner and outer worlds vividly to life for young readers, portraying the confusion, irony and humiliations of being a smart teen in an often ridiculous world.

Written by Thomas

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