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Heðin Brú: The Old Man and His Sons

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New edition:

The Old Man and His Sons
Heðin Brú
Telegram Books
ISBN 978-1-84659-073-3
1 February 2010
$16.50 in Canada


These are the Faroe Islands as they were some fifty years ago: sea–washed and remote, with one generation still tied to the sea for sustenance, and a younger generation turning towards commerce and clerical work in the towns.

At the post–hunt whale–meat auction, the normally cautious Ketil enthusiastically bids for more meat than he can afford. Thus in his seventieth year, Ketil and his wife, along with their youngest son, struggle to repay their debt. They scavenge for driftwood and stranded seals, and knit up a storm of jumpers to sell in town.

A touching novel that deftly captures a vanishing way of life.

Written by Thomas

2009-05-17 at 16:50