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Leif Davidsen: The Woman from Bratislava

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The Woman from Bratislava
Leif Davidsen
Arcadia Books (Eurocrime)
ISBN 978-1-906413-35-4
April 2010
$13.95 in Canada

En français : La femme de Bratislava

In Bratislava, Teddy Pedersen, a middle-aged, Danish university lecturer, receives a visit from an Eastern European woman who turns out to be his half-sister. Father to both of them was a Danish SS officer who had officially been declared dead in 1952, but had in fact lived on in Yugoslavia for many years. In Copenhagen, Teddy’s older sister is arrested on suspicion of being a Stasi agent, and a murder leads Teddy – and the Danish intelligence service – to investigate the relationship between these two – the woman in Denmark and the woman in Bratislava. The link between them proves to have far-reaching personal and political consequences.

Written by Thomas

2009-12-03 at 23:36

Jan Kjærstad: The Seducer

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Now available in paperback:

Jonas Wergeland Trilogy 1: The Seducer
Jan Kjærstad
Overlook Press
ISBN 978-1-58567-868-6
24 July 2007
$22.50 in Canada


Jonas Wergeland, a successful TV documentary producer with a touch of God’s gift to women, returns one evening from the World’s Fair in Seville to find his wife dead on the living room floor. What follows is a quest to find the killer, encompassing by turns a picaresque and endlessly inventive look at the conditions that have brought Wergeland to this critical juncture in life. From his hair’s breadth escape from a ravenous polar bear while filming in Greenland to a near-death experience aboard a passenger ferry in the icy Baltic, the Tom Jones-like experiences that comprise the narrative of Wergeland’s life, relayed in Kjaerstad’s veneered and acutely observant prose, provide a fascinating portrait of a media icon at the crux of his journey as an artist.

An international bestseller and winner of Scandinavia’s top literary award, the Nordic Prize, The Seducer is a suspenseful and endlessly provocative novel that continually thwarts readers expectations and rewards them with a uniquely enriching reading experience.

Written by Thomas

2009-01-14 at 00:15